Will the Tyres on Your Car Pass the Rego Inspection?

Before a car that is more than five years old can be driven on the roads around Australia, it needs to be certified as safe and will need to have what is known as a "pink slip" inspection. This needs to be done at recommended intervals and can be performed at a certified facility, where the inspector will assess its condition and concentrate on its general safety. While they will look at the suspension, steering, brakes and lighting, did you know that they will also inspect the condition of your tyres? [Read More]

Tasks of End Tipper Trailers for Your Homestead Preparation

When you begin clearing property for a new homestead, there are several tasks you have to consider. The tasks that likely come to mind are clearing the land and leveling the land for new barns and buildings. There are some tasks that follow these more common processes that you may not consider right away. These processes can benefit from the use of end tipper trailers. Here are some of those tasks and what you need to know about how the end tippers can be an asset. [Read More]

4 Best Tips About Fuel Injection Systems: A Guide For First-Time Diesel Car Owners

A diesel engine depends on the fuel injection system to give it power, and thus propel an automotive. A fuel injector pump is an integral component of the diesel engine because it pushes fuel under high pressure from the engine manifold, through the fuel lines and up until the fuel reaches the injectors. This article gives first-time diesel car owners tips about fuel injection systems. 1. What do Fuel Pumps Do? [Read More]

How to Fix Your Rear Drum Brakes

Drum brakes are considered to be "old" technology and are being gradually replaced as time goes by. Yet you may still have them fitted to your car, especially on the rear as opposed to the front. These brakes are quite reliable but will occasionally fail and require attention, so if you're having issues with your setup now, what could be going wrong? How It Works If you were to take the rear wheels off your car, you would see an enclosed cylinder which is also known as the " [Read More]