Top Spots to Find Parts for a Classic Car

Classic cars are rubbish. Well, that's what some people believe. They base their argument on the fact that modern cars are faster and more comfortable, fuel-efficient and reliable, among other benefits. Yet, a substantial number of car enthusiasts would choose a classic car over a modern one without blinking. That said, if you are a classic car enthusiast and plan to buy one, you need to understand that the parts are not easy to find. [Read More]

Vehicle Components That You Can Sell for Profit to an Auto Part Recycler

If you are conscious about sustainable living, you probably try to play your part in keeping the planet pollutant-free. But if you have an old car in your backyard that can no longer be of use, have you considered how best to get rid of it? Some people think that instead of trashing the vehicle in a landfill, they will just leave it on their property. But all this does is waste a substantial amount of valuable space that you could put to good use and potentially contaminate your soil. [Read More]

How to Fix the Body on an Old Classic Car

If you've just bought a classic car that has been sitting in a farmer's barn for some years, then you may be looking forward to its full restoration. You may have been able to buy this vehicle for a good price and feel that it will be worth much more money when it is restored to its former glory, but there's quite a lot of work to perform before you can get there. [Read More]

Your Essential Buying Guide for Flat Top Trailers

Are you in the market for a flat top trailer for your vehicle? As the name suggests, a flat top trailer is an open trailer – a large, useable deck space with no side extensions. It is designed for carrying oversized or irregularly shaped loads that won't fit into an enclosed trailer.  Due to their open design, flat top trailers aren't ideal for transporting loads that require protection from the weather, road debris and other external elements. [Read More]