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Vehicle Components That You Can Sell for Profit to an Auto Part Recycler

If you are conscious about sustainable living, you probably try to play your part in keeping the planet pollutant-free. But if you have an old car in your backyard that can no longer be of use, have you considered how best to get rid of it? Some people think that instead of trashing the vehicle in a landfill, they will just leave it on their property. But all this does is waste a substantial amount of valuable space that you could put to good use and potentially contaminate your soil. Instead, consider making, albeit small, a profit by having an auto part recycler take it off your hands! Even if the vehicle is broken down, here are some vehicle components that you can sell for a profit to an auto part recycler.

The catalytic converter

What may surprise you about your catalytic converter is that it is valuable to auto recyclers since it contains platinum, Platinum is classified as a precious metal and it can be recycled for reuse in multiple different applications once it has been retrieved from your vehicle. Moreover, platinum is also considered a rare find, so you can be assured that your vehicle's catalytic converter will be put to good use. And if your vehicle comes with dual catalytic converters, you will make double the profit!

The battery

A fact about your car battery is that you are legally mandated to have it recycled rather than dispose of it irresponsibly. Car batteries in landfills are one of the top contributing factors to pollution, so you could end up being fined if you do not have the battery recycled due to the environmental regulations that are in place. The good news is that all auto part recycler will accept a dead battery for recycling. Hence, even though you are lawfully obligated to recycle this component, it does not mean that you cannot make some change from it.

The tyres and wheels

The tyres and wheels are other profitable car parts to recycle since they are functional in multiple ways. For starters, if the tyres are in fairly good condition, the auto part recycler could pay you and subsequently sell them as used auto parts. Secondly, the wheels of your vehicle are made of steel. The steel can be recycled for multiple other applications once you sell them to an auto part recycler. Lastly, if the tyres of the car or worn, they can still be recycled and used for the retreading of other tyres! Hence, irrespective of the condition of the wheels and tyres, you can be assured that you can make a profit for them from an auto part recycler.